Opting to Care – Adam Runs for It!

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Sitting in the back during an art evening charity event at his parents’ house last year, Adam Tricot quietly listened to everything that was being said about ALEH and the children with intellectual developmental disabilities and severe medical complications in need of support.

Adam took in everything he heard and reached a decision. A healthy young boy without disabilities, Adam was going to use his abilities to make a difference.

Nearing his Bar Mitzvah, twelve-year-old Adam contacted ALEH to see what he could do and found out about ALEH’s Bar Mitzvah Twinning Program. Adam decided to run for it. Literally!

On June 23, Adam took part in Maccabi Great Britain’s Community Fun Run at Allianz Park in North London, running the 10K to raise funds to benefit Meir Shimon, Adam’s ALEH Bar Mitzvah Twin from ALEH Bnei Brak.  Enlisting friends, neighbors and family to sponsor his run, Adam set out to raise £2,000, promising to add his own Bar Mitzvah presents to ensure a fully-funded campaign.

On June 29, Adam celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, stepping into this new stage of life with true impact, setting an example of caring and commitment to values worthy of emulation.

Mazal Tov to you, Adam. We are blessed to count you among the friends of ALEH.