Opening the Gates to Prayer and the Community

Opening the Gates to Prayer and the Community

Dec 7, 2008

This Shabbat, we began a new project, which has inspired us all to greater heights. The ALEH family opened its doors to ‘regular people,’ from the outside community, who were invited to take part in a very special and joyous prayer service.
A group of 20 young men and women joined us on Friday night, and led us all in a stirring and inspirational prayer, bringing in the Shabbat -Carlebach style.
In just a few moments, the lobby of ALEH Jerusalem was transformed into a virtual synagogue, with separate seating, siddurim, and a melodious prayer service accompanied by clapping and fervent dancing.
There is no question that for our special children, the experience was very significant: for many it drew on visceral memories they had of Shabbat at home. For others, it was simply the singing, the pure joy of expression, the elation and the intensity of the prayers that drew a response.
And for the other participants – you don’t get many chances in life to experience a prayer so meaningful. Prayer that comes from within a special community is in itself special, more meaningful, more uplifting, more joyous – and certainly more blessed.
We hope (and pray!) that this meaningful experience will take place on a regular basis, and we look forward to expanding our community even further.
May G-d grant that through opening our doors, more hearts will be opened, and that the collective prayers will reach all the way to the heavenly gates. Amen.



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