On International Volunteer Day – we Salute ALEH Volunteers!

On International Volunteer Day – we Salute ALEH Volunteers!

Dec 5, 2011

As volunteers around the world celebrate the 10th annual International Volunteer Day (IVD) on December 5, ALEH takes the opportunity to acknowledge and thank its dedicated volunteers.

ALEH’s severely disabled children need more than the 24-hour care we provide.  To realize their potential – despite their limitations – they require tremendous amounts of affection, personal attention, and patience.

ALEH’s volunteers, from all walks of life and from all the world,play acentral role in helping ALEH be a warm and loving home, where every day is filled with growth and love.  In sharing their spirit, and looking beyond the disability to the child within, they continue to inspire us and bring light into the lives of our special children.

ALEH’s volunteers include:

  • teenagers who take the children out for walks and on trips;
  • national service girls who supplement the professional staff and help run social activities;
  • men who help bathe the older boys;
  • women who help feed the children;
  • Musicians and entertainers who come armed with instruments to engage the children;
  • seminary and Yeshiva students from overseas who help out in the classrooms;
  • youths – individually and in groups – who spend entire weekends at ALEH to bring their own brand of Shabbat spirit, cheer and friendship;
  • visiting groups of professionals include ALEH in their itinerary, making volunteering with these special children an integral part of their visit to Israel;
  • committee members who work indefatigably to plan special events to raise awareness and funding for ALEH;

They all giveselflessly of their time and energy to help make a real difference in the lives of our children.

In the words of one volunteer:  “ALEH’s kids have taught me so many things: to appreciate all I have, the meaning of true acceptance, and how to offer unconditional love. I feel that have become a truly integral part of the ALEH family.”

To all our wonderful volunteers – you play a crucial role in helping our children get the best possible care so that they can develop their potential to the fullest.  In opening your hearts to ALEH’s disabled children, you are offering the most vulnerable members of society hope for a real quality of life filled with growth, warmth and love.

On behalf of ALEH’s staff, family, friends and, most importantly, the children of ALEH – we salute you!

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International Volunteer Day (IVD) – (December 5) is an international observance designated by the United Nations since 1985.  The declared aim of this activity is to thank the volunteers for their efforts and increase public awareness on their contribution to society. The day is celebrated in the majority countries of the world.


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