Official Statement

Official Statement

Though they bear similar names and share some history, ALEH’s Israel-based network of facilities for severely disabled children is in no way affiliated with the Aleh Foundation of Brooklyn, NY run by Rabbi Shlomo Braun.

Several years ago, ALEH developed a partnership with Rabbi Braun and the Aleh Foundation in order to ease ALEH’s international fundraising burden.  However, in 2009, ALEH decided to split from the Aleh Foundation because it became clear that not enough money was being sent by the Aleh Foundation to ALEH’s Israel-based facilities. Rabbi Braun’s office in New York was providing significantly less funds than it had in the past, and providing less information, becoming more of a liability than a help.

As a result, ALEH officially broke ties with Rabbi Braun and the Aleh Foundation in January 2010.

Soon thereafter, a formal letter was sent to ALEH donors informing them of the fact that the Aleh Foundation no longer represented ALEH’s activities in Israel. ALEH also established a separate 501c3 organization known as the ALEH Negev Foundation (non-profit ID# 30-0456686) to serve as its tax deductible entity for U.S. donations.

ALEH informed Charity Navigator of the split, and their current online rating reflects only the Aleh Foundation of Brooklyn, NY.

ALEH has always operated with full transparency and for the benefit of the children it serves. ALEH’s audited financial records for its activities in Israel are available for public record.

ALEH has never used or shared images or personal stories of the children in its care without the express permission of their parents or guardians. In addition, ALEH has not shared any images or personal stories with the Aleh Foundation following the split in 2009.  In fact, ALEH requested that the Aleh Foundation stop using all of the images and personal stories that they received from ALEH prior to the split in 2009 so as not to confuse donors or upset the ALEH children and their families.

Unfortunately, the Aleh Foundation has not been compliant.  The Aleh Foundation website and newsletters often include the images and personal stories of ALEH children, employees and volunteers (from before and after the split in 2009).  At no time, did ALEH grant the Aleh Foundation permission to use these images and stories.

Though ALEH has considered taking legal action against the Aleh Foundation, it is clear to us that it would not be appropriate to use donations to win back our good name.  Instead, we will continue to devote our attention to helping the 650 severely cognitively and physically disabled children under our care in four specialized facilities across Israel reach their fullest potentials.  It is our hope that our good work will continue to speak for itself.

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