NCSY Teens Give and Receive Inspiration at ALEH Negev

NCSY Teens Give and Receive Inspiration at ALEH Negev

Aleh Negev – Aug 12, 2007

NCSY–Kollel is a unique NCSY program that brings high school youth from the U.S. on a six-week learning program in Israel. In between studying, the teenagers enjoy touring the country and spending days dedicated to chessed.
This summer, 25 special NCSY Kollel members chose to spend a day with ALEH Negev residents on a joint trip. They quickly got into the spirit, meeting the residents in the vocational center and seeing their creative work and then pulling out a guitar and joining together for some lively singing and dancing. The genuine joy on the faces of residents and visitors alike was a sight to behold.
A special surprise was when Major General (Res) Doron Almog arrived with the Bagbag Family to dedicate the location of the future Beit Medrash.  He was visibly moved, and in a voice full of emotion he thanked the boys for coming and told them how today they had become better people themselves due to their special loving-kindness. The boys posed for a picture with him and then broke out in a heartfelt dance.
Following a lunch break, the group enjoyed a short presentation about ALEH and the uniqueness of ALEH Negev. They then participated in some on-grounds gardening and weed-picking, a popular volunteer activity. They worked hard for over an hour and only stopped when it came time for the trip. 
The ten ALEH Negev boys who joined them were absolutely delighted. An especially touching chessed was the fact that the NCSY boys had left space to take the kids with them on their bus, treating them as equals. Three ALEH caretakers joined as well and the group went off to Park Ofakim, where the NCSY’ers took their new friends on the swings and slides, for walks along the paths and relaxing moments on the grass. It was a beautiful sight, and many local residents who had come to spend the day in the park were visibly moved by what they saw.
The resulting Kiddush Hashem will be remembered by everyone who took part in this special day.

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