NCSY Makes the Desert Bloom

NCSY Makes the Desert Bloom



Sarah C. Lazaros
What a beautiful place full of life, love, miracles and everyday heroes…. Even the gardener and security guard were holding hands and giving hugs.

Ronit Kohanchi
This is a beautiful place for Hashem’s Beautiful people.

Rena Barr
All I can say is WOW!

Rachel Bernard
I think what you are doing here is amazing and truly inspiring to everyone who comes.

Esther Santer
I loved when I was able to interact with the kids….. you inspire me that you dedicate your time doing something amazing

Michelle Assouline
To have helped such an amazing place today even a little bit by pulling out weeds was an honor for me. I am in awe at the unbelievable facilities and things that are done to help these amazing underprivileged children.

Bat Sheva Jaeger
Its so special how you create a fun safe environment that provides for all the disabled kids needs and one day I want to help even more than was done today.

Cara Seltzer
I enjoyed pulling weeds out of the ground and knowing I was helping to make this facility even more beautiful.

Tal Lee
I really enjoyed volunteering here, it was truly an experience of a lifetime…. You all are very caring and compassionate people.

Rachel Orbach
There are no words to describe the Chessed you are doing….the video inspired me and caused me to reflect over what I have in my life and to just appreciate even the littlest things.

Chana Brausner
Your dedication to this cause is unbelievable. I can only dream of being as strong and capable as all of you.

Esther Reichman
I really admire everything you do for the kids and how much patience you guys have.

Racheli Avruch
Even the gardener and everyone had a connection with the children. Thank you for the opportunity, I have been inspired.

Shayna Nordlicht
You are a model and I look up to you. You have a beautiful campus as well as a beautiful heart

Shirley Mamiye
Obviously an incredible, devoted, loving group of people.

Samantha Barth
It really amazed me how the residents are treated. It made me feel so good to know that I am helping them.

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