Music: A Window to the Soul – Music Therapy Innovations

Music: A Window to the Soul – Music Therapy Innovations

Feb 24, 2011

ALEH’s Assistive Aid Workshop adapts and customizes various devices and equipment to best suit each child’s individual needs. Wheelchairs, standers, switch-operated communication devices are fitted expertly for each child, enabling the child to derive maximum benefit from the equipment.
Recently, the Assistive Aid Workshop made several innovative adaptations to musical instruments that are used by the children during Music Therapy.
Music therapy is a very effective therapy for severely disabled children. Music reaches their inner soul, draws them out of a passive state and facilitates communication with their surroundings. The adaptations to the musical instruments help make the joy and wonder of music therapy accessible to every child.
Some of the adaptations include:
–          A guitar placed on an adjustable stand that can be played on in various positions, and connected to a table with a Velcro strap
–          2 xylophones connected to a switch-operated device. When the device is pressed, a ball is released, which jumps onto the xylophone keys and plays the keyboard sounds.
–          A specialized board with a black background, connected to a table, hung on an adjustable hook to be at the child’s eye level.
–          A hanging “university” mobile with specialized sound effects, connected to a table with attached straps.


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