"Mr. Basketball" visits ALEH Negev

"Mr. Basketball" visits ALEH Negev

“Mr. Basketball” Tal Brody, an American-Israeli former basketball star and current Goodwill Ambassador of Israel, took the time and courage to visit ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran during these difficult days of constant rocket bombardment.

His guestbook post was a warm tribute to the staff and administration of the village:

“To Doron [Almog, Chairman of the village] and the entire staff,
Thank you for the enjoyable visit.
I salute you for taking the initiative to build and develop this holy, wonderful place.
Thank you for the invitation to visit the village and see the outstanding work that you and the staff carry out at Aleh Negev.
With my best wishes, always.”  – Tal Brody

During his visit, Mr. Brody connected with the residents and their parents, the rehabilitation center outpatients, the workers and their children, who are currently attending day camp at Aleh Negev to keep them safe during these days of war.

The Red Alert siren that rang out during the tour gave Mr. Brody the chance to see the village in action during an attack.  He and Doron Almog joined the staff and residents in the large sheltered safe room and participated in the song and movement activities run by our volunteers to create a positive experience out of a potentially difficult situation.

Tal Brody is a big man with a big heart.  His love for Israel, his support of the vulnerable members of society and his solidarity visit to the Negev region at this time were an encouragement to us all.

In Mr. Brody’s immortal words: “We’re on the map, and we’re staying on the map – not only in sports, but in everything!”