MAZAL TOV – Akiva and Yiscah are Engaged!

MAZAL TOV – Akiva and Yiscah are Engaged!

This year, ALEH Jerusalem’s summer camp hosted one of the most exciting and emotional activities any ALEH camp has ever experienced!

The 32 children and 100 staff, volunteers and National Service volunteers joyfully took part in the engagement party of Akiva and Yiscah, two dedicated, long-term ALEH volunteers.

About three years ago, Akiva and Yiscah began volunteering at ALEH. They planned projects, initiated activities, helped organize the summer camp and came away with more than they ever expected when they began volunteering.

For Yiscah’s birthday, Akiva planned a special outing for Yiscah and the child for whom she was a caregiver – a trip to the Kotel. Transported by a “wish ambulance” to accommodate the wheelchair and special medical equipment, resident and volunteer made their way to the Western Wall as their dream trip came true. And soon their prayers were answered.

One month later, Akiva proposed to Yiscah.

Shlomit Grayevsky, ALEH Jerusalem CEO, commented that, “We are happy to be celebrating with this couple, especially at our annual summer camp, which is the highlight of the year for ALEH’s children. Akiva and Yiscah are a significant part of the ALEH Jerusalem family, and are an eternal proof of the fact that giving creates love.”

Akiva and Yiscah emphasized that even while preparing for their wedding, they won’t stop thinking about ALEH’s children. They are already searching for a wheelchair accessible wedding hall so that as many children as possible will be able to participate.