Maya Celebrates her Bat Mitzvah in Style

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Family, friends, teachers, volunteers and guests gathered together at Nesya Hall for an all-out event marking Maya’s Bat Mitzvah.

Maya’s Bat Mitzvah celebration has been months in the making, ensuring that she would enjoy a top-notch affair, comparable to similar events within her family. Michelle, Naomi and Hila, together with a host of exceptional people and donors, organized and planned, taking care of everything down to the last detail: the hall, a make-up artist to prepare Maya on her special day, a finely stocked sweet bar and more.

The ALEH Moriah educational and professional staff, Maya’s classmates, police volunteers, National Service girls, family and more all came out to celebrate Maya’s special day. A wonderful and touching Bat-Mitzvah video about Maya was screened, followed by music and dancing and a game of Pass the Parcel, after which participants offered Maya blessings and good wishes. Finally, there wasn’t a dry eye in the hall when Maya herself stood up to sing.

Repeatedly thanking her guests, Maya’s happiness and excitement on her special day was overwhelming.

Special thanks to all who took part in organizing the event – staff, donors, volunteers and participants – granting Maya a celebration she will never forget.