May the Force be with you… Police volunteer at ALEH Negev

May the Force be with you… Police volunteer at ALEH Negev

Mar 24, 2008

Even when off-duty, the Ofakim Police Force dedicate themselves to lending a hand and helping those most in need. When they recently decided to spend a day volunteering for the community, they chose ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran as a place where they could make a real difference. 
Earlier this month, a group of police and security forces arrived at ALEH Negev, for a special day of activities. The 50-strong delegation was headed up by Southern District Commander Ori Bar-Lev, and Ofakim police superintendent Yaniv Moshe. 
The rich and varied program included a special performance by the police orchestra, whose musical talents had residents dancing and swaying. They were joined by an accompaniment of giant dolls and clowns, appropriately attired for Purim, who added to the general air of gaiety. The holiday theme continued as residents dressed up in police uniforms and various accoutrements, masquerading as law officials for the day. 
The police did more than merely entertain; they provided a fascinating look at the inner workings of law enforcement and security, with demonstrations of sniffer dogs and sappers with special robots. Mounted police displayed their equestrian prowess by parading around the village, but they were happy to halt every now and then to allow ALEH residents to pet the gentle horses. 
The joy and excitement was palpable, and the police forces made every effort to provide personal attention and indulge each resident on an individual level. At the end of the day, participants noted that the experience was a deeply moving and powerful one, and that they had grown immeasurably through their interactions with ALEH’s very special people. Many requested additional opportunities to meet and mingle, and the District Commander predicted that there would be many more such occasions and shared activities. 
For the police, personally witnessing the level of devotion and care evinced by ALEH caregivers was a source of inspiration. As one policewoman explained: “I thought our job demanded so much…Here in this village, they give unceasingly of their time and energy, but everything here is done with so much love, it doesn’t seem like such hard work.”
To the police, and everyone at ALEH Negev: For your devotion to duty and heroism, we salute you!

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