"Man's Best Friend" – Project Frankie!

"Man's Best Friend" – Project Frankie!

Jul 8, 2009

ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran recently received an amazing gift from an amazing group of people: The Israel Police decided to give the residents of the village their beloved Frankie, a member of their force for over 7 years.

Frankie’s toughness helped capture many a criminal during his years on the beat, but his friendliness and warmth toward special-needs children is even more outstanding. During a recent visit to ALEH Negev by the Israel Police Orchestra, Frankie connected with the residents instantly. As the music played and the police officers drew the residents into the activity, Franky chummed up with the children who patted his silken back and smiled into his all-understanding eyes.
Witnessing the incredible connection forged in front of their eyes, the police force decided unanimously that upon Frankie’s retirement in a few weeks, he will join the village and become the residents’ on-site mascot. As a therapeutic dog, he will provide the residents with further opportunities to grow and develop – in the multi-sensory field, enhancing their emotional wellbeing, and helping them learn to care for and nurture others.
As man’s best friend, Frankie will be joining Jeannie, a magnificent therapeutic dog already loved by ALEH Negev residents. Dogs don’t judge people by how they may look or their level of intelligence; they see beyond the disability to the spirit within. Their warmth, love and devotion make them perfect companions for the children of ALEH Negev.
Join Project Frankie today! Give ALEH Negev residents the best friend they could wish for!
Therapy Goals:
  • learning to care for others by feeding him, taking him for a walk, encouraging their ability to nurture
  • multi-sensory therapy – touch, sight, sound
  • enhancing emotional wellbeing through unconditional love and warmth

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Including Food, Medicines, Vet Services
Teaching the Staff How to Maximize Therapy Goals with the Help of Frankie




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