Making a Profound Difference: ALEH’s International Volunteers

Dr. S'rah Yisrael

Making a Profound Difference: ALEH’s International Volunteers

Monday, March 26th, 2018

While on an EL AL flight to Israel, S’Rah Yisrael, a native of Delray Beach, FL, noticed an envelope for the in-flight fundraising program called “Small Change Can Make a Big Difference,” which supports ALEH centers across Israel. The mother of a child with special needs, the initiative piqued her interest, and she researched ALEH upon her arrival home. Touched by ALEH’s vision of true inclusion and the quality of care provided to each child within the ALEH network, S’rah decided to put her career in education on hold to volunteer at ALEH.

For three months (October-December 2017), S’Rah worked at ALEH’s rehabilitative village in the Negev, assisting with the daily activities and therapies, and bonding with the children. The experience made such an impact on her that she returned in February for another three-month stint with her ALEH family!

Earlier this month, Israel Hayom’s Steve Ganot spoke with S’rah about her experience volunteering with ALEH and how others around the world can get involved.