Maccabi Youth and ALEH Teens – an Outstanding Team

Maccabi Youth and ALEH Teens – an Outstanding Team

May 26, 2008

ALEH Moriah’s residents recently enjoyed an afternoon of fun and creativity with 20 wonderful Maccabi Youth volunteers, who came to help them make chamsot* for a special month-long Market Chains Fundraising Campaign for Special-Needs People.
The Maccabi Youth volunteers arrived full of goodwill and enthusiasm. Their high spirits were contagious, and Moriah’s residents connected with them immediately. Their joint work on the chamsot produced magnificent results. Even more so, the sounds of laughter and camaraderie that filled the room touched every participant personally.
At the end of their visit, the youths found it difficult to say goodbye. Some asked for another day to return and continue the chamsot project until its conclusion. Others inquired about volunteer opportunities on a regular basis. All left with the feeling that they had received as much as they had given in this unique setting.
To see some examples of the beautiful work created by the team, or to order your own chamsa from ALEH’s online boutique, click here:
Hamsa (literally, ‘five’) is a hand-shaped amulet traditionally used to symbolize protection.


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