Love Israel, Love ALEH

Love Israel, Love ALEH

Love Israel, Love ALEH was held on Friday, September 19 at the New Hope Church in Roseburg, Oregon.

Reverend Robert Rapp, who helped organize the event described the evening:

“It was a wonderful evening with great Jewish foods prepared by the ladies. We began the event with the sounding of the Shofar and all those in attendance loved it!  Pastor Dave served apples and honey to the folks as they came in the door. We had four or five pastors present who were all representatives from seven different churches.

“I read Gen. Almog’s letter and we showed the special video put together by the staff of ALEH.  Our prayer time for Israel and Aleh Negev were a highlight.

“We sold ALEH t-shirts and asked people to contribute to ALEH.

“Beyond the funds raised during this special outreach, we were moved by the inspiration among the representatives of the other churches and their desire to share with their people what they had seen and heard.

To the staff of ALEH: We consider it a wonderful privilege to share a relationship with you that enables us to express our love for Israel and have a tangible part in helping to meet the needs of the children and young people at Aleh Negev…. We hope one day to visit the village and see the amazing work you do firsthand.”

A very special thank you to The New Hope Church and all those who attended this beautiful evening. If you would like to host an event for ALEH in your congregation, please contact Dov.