Love Animals? Give ALEH's Kids an Animal to Love!

Love Animals? Give ALEH's Kids an Animal to Love!

Two wonderful children from South Africa recently sent in a generous donation to ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran’s Safari Program. The children “adopted” a snake and goat and even named them! Slithers and Gingko look forward to meeting their amazing sponsors whenever they are next in Israel.

Here is the family’s* warm note:

“Being nature lovers from South Africa, our children (aged 7 and 9) love animals and therefore they hope that they can transfer their passion for animals in some way to the children at ALEH. We believe that interacting with animals can provide a great education opportunity and a chance to bond with a chosen pet, be it a goat, snake or other creature at ALEH’s petting zoo’ Besides learning a great deal about the different animals, raising, nurturing and bonding with animals also allows kids to interact with an animal and get to understand them well, even if the subject is a slithery snake! We hope that our donation may help in some way to give the children at ALEH a chance to care for animals and by doing so hopefully inspire others to care for the children at ALEH. Like the animals at the petting zoo, the children at ALEH also are in need of comfort and companionship. We look forward to being able to hopefully assist with ALEH in general in the future if possible.”

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* We respect the family’s wish to remain anonymous.