A 10-day trip to the U.S. for three outstanding ALEH caregivers – Rikki, Sari, and Samira – culminated in a moving event hosted by the Long Island Five Towns Community. The special trip and event was spearheaded by the Rabinovitch Family – Roni, Einat, Ido, Amit, and Marissa, who established the ALEH Negev Employee Empowerment Fund on behalf of the caregivers at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran.

Some 100 members of the Long Island Five Towns Community came to honor Rikki, Sari, and Samira, recipients of ALEH Negev Employee Excellence Awards who had been flown in by the community for 10 fun-filled days in the U.S. Roni Rabinovitch introduced his Opening Remarks with a moving account of his days of volunteering at ALEH’s southern Village during Operation Pillar of Defense and Operation Protective Edge. Working side-by-side with the caregiving staff, Roni was profoundly moved by the tireless dedication of the staff in even the most challenging moments. More than anything else, the devotion and love the caregivers showered upon every resident left Roni in awe.

Roni had come to Israel to volunteer at the ALEH Negev Village, inspired by his son Ido. This remarkable young man has autism, and he has been the impetus for Roni’s ongoing volunteerism and involvement in the village. Possessed of a unique personal charm and love of life, Ido exuded an air of excitement throughout the entire event.

Doron Almog, Chairman of ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran, recounted to the crowd his personal story as father of Eran, the child who never once called him Abba and yet served as his greatest teacher. Indeed, it was Eran who inspired him to work toward the establishment of ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran, which now bears his name.

Doron thanked Roni for his exemplary volunteer work, and expressed his gratitude for his family’s generosity and determination in involving the entire community on behalf of ALEH Negev. “Just as my son Eran forged me with great strength, so, too, Ido Rabinovitch has been the driving force behind the Rabinovitch family’s efforts toward Employee Empowerment at ALEH Negev,” he concluded.

The close of the event saw the renewed commitment on the part of the Five Towns Community to sponsor another 3 Employee Excellence Service Awards for the following year. We look forward to being back with them again, as well as to our continued friendship. And all this is thanks to Ido Rabinovitch, the smiling, captivating young boy whose inspiration leads the way as his parents, family, and entire community take yet another amazing step toward Tikkun Olam.