"Like" ALEH’s Jewel Sukka and Help us Win!

"Like" ALEH’s Jewel Sukka and Help us Win!

Oct 10, 2011

ALEH’s very special sukka was inspired by its very special children.

Made from Swarovski crystals and transparent materials, the sukka glistens and shimmers upon the faces of ALEH’s children, who all suffer from severe disabilities.  The beautiful and original model sukka was created by the ALEH staff as a tribute to the children of ALEH Beit Yahalom (ALEH’s Diamond Home).

At ALEH, we see each child as a diamond with beautiful facets that come to light with careful polishing.  At ALEH, each child receives the individualized care he needs to bring forth his or her capabilities and potential.

The model sukka is on display at Beit Avi Chai in Jerusalem throughout Sukkot.  “Like” it on Facebook and help ALEH win a NIS 500 prize, while expressing your belief in the potential of our children!

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