Lighting Up the Darkness – A Chanukah Tribute to ALEH's Volunteers

Lighting Up the Darkness – A Chanukah Tribute to ALEH's Volunteers

Jan 13, 2009

ALEH Gederah’s Chanukah Events were extra-special this year, as the facility celebrated the Holiday of Lights with its wonderful, dedicated volunteers.

Guests of honor were the soldiers from ALEH’s adopted unit in Nachal Sorek and Tel Nof. “Our” soldiers have become family over the past years, forming bonds of friendship with ALEH’s residents and the entire staff.
This year ALEH invited special guests to join the fun – the Alut residents from the Ofrim Village. Alut and ALEH are partners in the “Small Change Makes a Big Difference” Campaign run by El Al and Bank Hapoalim. In fact, Alut residents sort the coins collected on the El Al flights, and the proceeds benefit the special-needs residents of both organizations.
The singing, dancing and music had everyone on their feet as soldiers, ALEH kids and Alut guests held hands and whirled together in joyous abandon. Following delicious doughnuts, everyone joined an outing to the local Statue Park and the Gederah Museum, where they enjoyed a special Chanukah exhibition.
The Chanukah fun concluded with a special shopping spree in the Rechovot Mall, where ALEH residents spent their Chanukah pocket money as they wished…just like children all over the world.
For us at ALEH, that’s the greatest Chanukah miracle of all.


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