Join the Rolling Through Romania Cycling Adventure for ALEH

Join the Rolling Through Romania Cycling Adventure for ALEH

Here is a great way to join an amazing cycling adventure and raise funds for ALEH at the same time!

Cycle for Unity and MEDRAFT Cycling Adventures bring you the ultimate 9-day biking tour through Romania.  Enjoy the pristine and awe-inspiring mountain ranges and plateaus of the Romanian countryside…while raising funds for the ALEH!

Tentative Itinerary: August 18 – 26, 2013;

Day 1: August 18 – Independent arrival to Bucharest; hotel check-in; group meeting and introduction.  An evening tour in Bucharest.

Day 2: August 19 – The biking adventure begins at the Sinaia Resort, also called the Pearl of the Carpathiansfor its elegant beauty. Sinaia is situated in an idyllic mountainous region on the Prahova River valley, what used to be the summer retreat of the Romanian Royal Family. Riders will explore the Peles Royal Castle and countless trails suitable for extreme downhill biking.

Day 3: August 20 – The ride continues in the Baiului Mountains, a series of challenging trails from which one can catch glimpses of magnificent mountain ranges, including the Bucegi and Eastern Carpathians.

Day 4: August 21 – Riders will return to Sinaia to blaze a trail through the Bucegi Mountains with the goal of reaching the famed Bran Castle, the home of the legendary Vlad the Impaler (i.e. Count Dracula of the medieval lore).

Day 5: August 22 – Escaping the Count’s Castle, the group will ride through the beautiful Bran area. There are routes for riders of all skill levels.

Day 6: August 23 – The ride will take a turn through some impressive Saxon villages, such as Viscri, where riders can interact with local farmers and lend a hand milking cows.

Day 7: August 24 – The group will enjoy a peaceful Shabbat in the old town of Brasov. Activities will include a tour of the town’s early 20th century synagogue.

Day 8: August 25 – The ride winds down with some great biking trails in Poiana Brasov.

Day 9: August 26 – On the final day of the tour, riders will explore Transylvanian towns in search of Jewish heritage.

Visit the Cycle for Unity website for all the details and to register.

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