Jael the Angel

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Even though it doesn’t feel like it, I have been with ALEH for one month and a half and the idea that I have only two more weeks to go shocks me. When I decided to come for two months, everyone asked me why for so long, and now everything will soon be over? How is it possible? The answer is simple ALEH. When you love the work you do, time flies by so quickly. It feels less then work, but more like a privilege. The possibility to become a small part in the everyday life of these great children is like a gift, because I have not only learned and grown with them, but also through them. Despite their psychological and physical limitations, many of them exude such a joy of life that one can only dream of. I love coming to ALEH every day because the children are looking forward to seeing me. I was often referred to as an angel for my volunteer work. The staff is friendly and open, and even if we do not understand each other’s language sometimes, we still have fun communicating and working together. I hear every day at least once a thank you for what I do. The feeling of being needed and appreciated for what I do fills me with happiness. The children also look forward to seeing me in the mornings. For example, Adar, a little girl (9 years) is very active and intelligent, jumps up and down, throws her hands in the air and laughs when she sees me. These moments are so touching every time that I am looking forward to hugging her. Every child reacts according to their disabilities but I always feel welcomed. Over the time I have noticed that my mother tongue plus little bits of Hebrew are better with the kids then speaking English to them because I believe they perceive the rhythm of the voice, whether it’s your own language or a foreign one. Many children love it when I speak in my mother tongue, which is also cute, because it is an additional joy I can give them. I would always decide to volunteer again for ALEH because the experience I gained was invaluable! I would recommend to anyone who likes to work with people to volunteer for ALEH.

Take this valuable chance!