It is very moving to be standing here!

It is very moving to be standing here!

Yedidya Meir
Journalist and Radio Host

ALEH Jerusalem held its annual end-of-year celebration in the Rose Garden, with the participation of staff, volunteers, parents, and residents. In attendance was Yedidya Meir, Journalist and Radio Host personality

“It is very moving to be standing here, in the Rose Gardens, in a place that is associated with protests and conflict [the Rose Gardens are located across from the Knesset].  I cannot help but be amazed at the unity and the special atmosphere felt here, where one sees people who are religious, secular, ultra-Orthodox, left-wing and right-wing, all celebrating together with such joy.  This is the power of loving-kindness – it unites the Jewish people!

“During these divisive times I am especially moved to be part of this special event, with such extraordinary people, here in the Rose Gardens.

“Unfortunately, these kinds of celebrations do not attract our Knesset members.  What a shame that they aren’t here to witness the unity and love present at this occasion.

“I am proud to have been invited to join this amazing gathering.  I strengthen the hands of the parents, staff, volunteers and of course the honorees themselves – the children of Aleh Jerusalem.”

– Yedidya Meir

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