It has been a thrilling experience

It has been a thrilling experience

Dear ALEH,

We have really enjoyed collecting and counting tzedaka for you. It has been a thrilling experience and despite missing playtime we have had lots of fun. It is really pressurising as we are battling against the clock while our maths brains are nearly exploding! We can’t leave anything out, not even a penny. We also know how important the mitzvah of tzedaka is and how important it is to help children with special needs. We are very grateful that there is a special place in Israel to do so. We were overwhelmed when we had counted the overall total and realised how much we had raised for you – £565, and were extremely happy to present you the check.

Once again, we really enjoyed it,

Best regards,

Hasmonean Primary School Tzedaka Monitors

(term one) 2013-2014

London, England

Mr. Alan Shaw and the Tzedakah monitors of The Hasmonean Primary School presenting Michele Stern of the Aleh Charitable Foundation with a cheque for £565

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