Israel Prison Service Officials Visit ALEH Moriah

Israel Prison Service Officials Visit ALEH Moriah

Senior officials from the Israeli Prison Service arrived in Gedera for a tour of ALEH Moriah, securing an up-close look of the facility’s unique volunteer program.

For the past few months, 12 inmates have been volunteering at ALEH Moriah’s special education school on a regular basis. Prison detainees play games, read stories and in general impart feelings of happiness, creating strong relationships with the youngsters. As one volunteer so aptly expressed, “We simply give them love”.

During the course of their tour, visiting officials saw inmates in action, after which everyone sat down together for a heart-to-heart discussion about the volunteer experience.

Internees shared their feelings, explaining that volunteering has taught them the true meaning of giving, enabling them to view life from a different perspective. They added that the act of giving helps them process their own internal changes, and they feel that they receive much more than they give.

The Prison Service officers were very impressed with what they saw, stating that they are leaving with an optimistic opinion and that the project in general and the meeting in particular has left them strengthened and enthusiastic.