International Conference on Chronic Disorders & Disabilities in Children

International Conference on Chronic Disorders & Disabilities in Children

Nov 12, 2008

ALEH’s extended family crosses over political, religious, national and geographic borders to include caring human beings from all over the world, who view children with disabilities and serious illnesses as children above all else.

Our partnerships with other organizations encourage sharing of knowledge and resources, working together to create hope and flourishing opportunities for integration, understanding and acceptance of special-needs people within society at large.
In that spirit of cooperation, ALEH invites the public, medical professionals, parents and healthcare staff to participate in the 2nd annual Gerry Schwartz and Heather Reisman International Congress on Chronic Disorders & Disabilities in Children.
The Conference, to be held on December 3-4 at the Regency Jerusalem Hotel, will include a diversity of speakers and topics related to chronic pediatric disorders.   Participating organizations include Hadassah Hospital, the Israel Pediatric Association, and Shalva.
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