Integration and Inclusiveness at the Gedera Municipal Library

Integration and Inclusiveness at the Gedera Municipal Library

ALEH Moriah residents were thrilled to receive a phone call from Liat, personally inviting them to a show at the Gedera Municipal Library.

In keeping with the thoughtfulness displayed by Liat throughout the year, the dedicated library director inquired what day and time was most convenient for her special guests, and proceeded to arrange the show and all logistics accordingly.

Based on last year’s successful venture, ALEH participants increased their participation this year. On the morning of the show, at 10:00 AM, 30 residents departed – some by foot, some by transport – making their way to the local library. Liat and other library staff warmly received the show-goers with smiles and hugs.

Avi Sadeh’s interactive show mesmerized residents for a full 45 minutes, during which they enjoyed music, stories and dancing, finally departing for home feeling happy and satisfied.

As a gesture of appreciation, residents gifted Liat and library staff with pins and magnets, homemade in the center’s vocational workshop.

The entire outing once again highlighted community integration and inclusion, emphasizing its importance to residents and the community-at-large.