Independence Day with the Astronaut Group

Independence Day with the Astronaut Group

Feb 26, 2006

ALEH Bnei Brak’s Astronaut Group soared high this Yom Ha’atzmaut…up in cable-cars across Haifa’s beautiful skyline overlooking the sea.

Every aspect of the outing was memorable. The kids traveled to Haifa in style – on a luxurious train ride. At the train station they were treated to a brief tour, followed by the experience of purchasing tickets and laughing with delight on the escalator. On the train itself they spread out in a compartment set aside just for them, leaned back in their seats and enjoyed first-class service of tea, coffee and sweets.

Upon reaching Haifa, the beach promenade saw the incredible sight of 14 youngsters, their wheelchairs and various medical paraphernalia being manned by their caregivers and volunteers, delighting in the rolling waves and salty ocean air. After a shopping jaunt in the supermarket for some treats, the group moved on to the climax of the outing.

And what a climax it was! Swinging way up in the cable-cars, exulting in the sheer freedom and beauty of being airborne, drinking in the magnificent view…it was hard to come back down to earth.

Luckily, the delicious lunch taken along kept everyone busy eating their fill. After spending some more time just enjoying the sights at the beach, it was time to head to the train station for the ride back home.

The Astronaut Group landed in Bnei Brak tired but happy, overflowing with memories of their trip to the heights.

Where there’s belief and love, the sky’s the limit…!


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