I will never forget this time!

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It has been a week now since I came back in the freezing cold Netherlands and I’m looking back at three amazing months in Israel.
I did beautiful, inspiring work with the disabled residents of Aleh Negev. Sometimes the work was tiring but many more times it was grateful work. Everyday I could laugh with the residents!

I also got to know the staff, and despite the culture differences and sometimes problems with language, I had a great time with them!
Most of the other volunteers also were Dutch, and because we lived and worked together everyday we became the best friends! We also got to know the Jewish volunteers and some people from the neighborhood and became friends with them.

Besides the work we had free time to visit places like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Zee and so on. Two weeks before I left I spent five days traveling in the North where the nature was so different from the Negev.

I want to thank everyone I got to know. I learned so much about the country, the people, the cultures, and how I could live between all of that I believe it was Gods blessing to live, work and travel there! I will never forget this time. And of course.. some time I will come back ❤️ God bless you.