How Two Smart Cookies Made A Real Difference

How Two Smart Cookies Made A Real Difference

May 11, 2009

Ariel and Natalie Displaying Their Delicious Cookies

When Ariel Leff and Natalie Weinberg heard about ALEH, they quickly realized the importance of an organization dedication to caring for the most vulnerable population in Israel. But how did these two seniors at the SAR High School in Riverdale, NY make a difference from halfway across the world?  By taking the initiative and embarking on a number of creative fundraising activities throughout the school year, to help raise funds and awareness for ALEH.

“Cookie Day” benefitted both ALEH and SAR students. Ariel and Natalie came in early, one morning each month, to bake cookies and have them ready to sell just in time for breakfast at school. Everyone loved the delicious smell, and there were never quite enough cookies to satisfy the appetites of the all the students!
“Tie-Dye Tuesday” was a workshop that they ran along with a few other seniors. Signs were posted all over school asking students to bring in T-shirts, socks, or any other white clothing, and an assembly line of buckets with different colored  dyes was set up on tables outside the school. Teachers and students alike participated in the fun, with the resultant multicolored creations proudly worn and displayed.
The proceeds of these events were generously donated to ALEH, to directly benefit its severely disabled children.
In looking beyond the disabled exteriors of ALEH’s children to the inherent potential within, Ariel and Natalie have helped spread a message of acceptance and understanding of those with special needs.
May these two young ladies continue to be a source of pride and inspiration to their school, their families, and to the staff and children at ALEH.
If you have imagination, a caring heart and some time to give, you can change a child’s life – and your own! For more creative ideas on how you can help ALEH, or to share your own inspiring story, go here
[Click here for the opportunity to purchase some of the colorful tie-dyed objects made by the special-needs children of ALEH in their own vocational workshops in Israel, using special techniques.]
To The ALEH Foundation,
            We heard about your organization and immediately realized it was a cause worth contributing to. We decided to launch a cookie baking campaign as well as a Tye-Dye workshop in order to raise money to donate to your organization. Throughout the past year we have been baking fresh cookies one morning a month and selling them for breakfast to the entire student body in our high school. It has been a great hit and the students love it and support the cause as well. We have been saving up until we had a mass sum to send and although it’s not such a significant amount we hope it is enough to provide something special for the kids.
Thank you for all you do and for allowing us this opportunity for chessed.
With great sincerity,
Ariel Leff (12th grade at SAR High School, Riverdale, New York)
Natalie Weinberg (12th grade at SAR High School, Riverdale, New York)

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