Home Renovations by a Fantastic Team of Interior Designers – Moriah's Special Residents!

Home Renovations by a Fantastic Team of Interior Designers – Moriah's Special Residents!

Feb 10, 2010

The Beit Eran assisted-living home in Moriah recently received a facelift, and sharing in creating its new look were the residents of Beit Eran themselves.
Considering that the residents suffer from cognitive and physical disabilities, this amazing accomplishment is yet another manifestation of ALEH’s belief in the potential of every individual and their commitment to enable them to realize it:  Despite All, Yes I Can!
The renovations project included painting the house and refurnishing it with specialized features suited to the residents’ needs and abilities. This required thinking “out of the box” and incorporating elements that would enhance the residents’ daily activity.
With this basic principle in mind, one room was furnished with a hammock and especially low beds. Residents can enjoy swinging without worrying about hitting the furniture in the room and hurting themselves. The hammock in the room enables the residents to enjoy an activity they especially love whenever they want and with full accessibility, independent of weather conditions or specialized therapists.
To help the residents feel connected to their home and partners in its new design, we decided to integrate mosaic tiles into the walls of the house which would be created by the residents themselves through their independent work.
And so the project took shape and form. First the residents produced the mosaic stones by breaking various damaged products they had made throughout the year in their vocational workshop. Donning specialized goggles to protect their eyes from the shattering pieces, the residents were thrilled to bang away with a hammer and collect the stones.
The second part of the process had the residents integrate the mosaic pieces in impressions that had been designated in the walls. The resulting design is truly unique and serves as a testimony to the creative abilities and tenacity of our outstanding interior designers.
We are extremely proud of you!


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