Highlights from a Special Week

Highlights from a Special Week

Pesach time meant vacation for school children around the world – and the kids at ALEH were no different!  The week before Pesach was filled with programs and events all geared to enhance the quality of live for the children.  The fun and excitement even continued after the holiday was over, with special visitors and special happenings geared specially for ALEH’s special kids.

Highlights of the special week included:

  • Visit from the Israeli army, with soldiers joining ALEH’s kids for a sports day.
  • Matza baking with Chabad
  • Chazan Chaim Adler entertained the children with traditional Pesach songs
  • Specially trained Dogs brought love, fun and comfort to the entire facility
  • Karaoke – singing, dancing and partying – ALEH Style!
  • Mimouna celebration – the traditional celebration of Moroccan and Algerian Jews held the day after Passover; it marks the start of spring and the return to eating chametz (leavened bread)

A special thank you to all the volunteers who came to ALEH with hearts full of love and fully gave of themselves to bring smiles and holiday joy to everyone! “A picture is worth a thousand words” – this saying certainly holds true in this case!  See for yourself …

Dancing and Partying Aleh Style!

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