Heartwarming letter from Yasmine B. to her ALEH Bat Mitzvah Twin!

Heartwarming letter from Yasmine B. to her ALEH Bat Mitzvah Twin!

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Hi Shira,
My name is Yasmine, and I am almost 12 years old. I am so exited to be your twin. As you know, Purim was a while ago, so to celebrate YOU and Purim, I started selling my old Purim costumes from my previous years, and we raised 165 pounds already. We turned my garage into a shop. Here are some pictures and my video ad. (My friend Alex came to help; I’m the one on the right.)

Next, I want to start to make and sell things for going back to school and maybe have a car boot sale, too — so don’t worry, you are going to have the best Bat Mitzvah in the history of Bat Mitzvahs.

Well now that’s out of the way, I bet you are wondering, who is this girl? What’s her life story? Well I can answer all those questions: My birthday is May 25th. I absolutely adore dogs, do you?

Believe me, I keep boasting to everyone about this whole twin thing. I am so exited of having a new best friend: YOU. I can’t wait until we meet each other face to face. I know you can’t write me back, but I hope someone will read this letter to you. I am thinking of you and will write to you again when I have more news.

See you soon.

Lots of love,

  • Yasmin and her friend Alex at her Purim Costumes Sale

  • Shira watching Yasmin's video

  • Shira listening to Yasmin's letter