Hearts of Gold: National Service Girls

Hearts of Gold: National Service Girls

Mar 5, 2009

ALEH’s National Service Girls are a fantastic, energetic, devoted and loving source of manpower for our children. They help provide the individualized attention our kids need to advance and succeed: in school, during therapy, and at afternoon activities and special events.

Heralding the joyous month of Adar, the National Service Girls bounded into ALEH Negev in true Purim spirit. The residents’ delight was matched by staff and visitors. Doron Almog, Chairman of ALEH Negev was on site that day, and he warmly thanked the girls for their ongoing dedication.
In a related event, Mr. Almog was guest of honor at a National Service youth group meeting arranged by National Service Director Naomi Aloni. Doron stressed the responsibility of society to be sensitive to the needs of its most vulnerable members. ALEH’s kids are the weakest members of Israeli society – children who are totally dependent on others for every daily activity. By caring for them and giving them a quality life, we build ourselves into better, more caring people.
The mayor and deputy mayor of Rosh Ha’ayin, Mrs. Aloni, and the group of girls present were moved by Doron’s passionate words, and they all promised to come spend a day at ALEH Negev and connect with the children on a personal level. We look forward to their visit!
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