Groundbreaking of ALEH Negev!

Groundbreaking of ALEH Negev!

May 24, 2005

Excerpts from the speech of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at the groundbreaking ceremony for ALEH Negev on June 12, 2003.

“The challenge we face regarding ensuring the safety and peace of Israel is not the only battlefront from which we need to emerge victorious. There is another front in which we must succeed, and that is the challenge regarding the very essence of Israeli society. In order to meet our own expectations, our society must be one of equality and justice – a society sensitive to the suffering of the needy, a society that embraces the weak and helps them advance….

“The ALEH Organization has accepted upon itself the mission of nurturing and rehabilitating the children amongst us that are perhaps most needy: those with mental disabilities and multiple limitations. The ALEH Negev village was developed to provide a solution to the growing adult population amongst the mentally disabled, who once again find themselves in a framework unsuited to their changing needs. The village will create for them a suitable therapeutic and educational framework employing the most modern technological and medical approaches available today.

“The location of the village – the city of Ofakim and the regional council of Merhavim – hints to the tremendous potential latent in the Negev, which David ben Gurion saw as the future of the State of Israel. Every new project built here utilizes this potential and is an expression of its contribution to the development of the area, to an increase in professional manpower, and to the creation of further employment opportunities.

“Thank you to the many individuals and organizations who have joined as partners in the establishment of the village, and my warm wishes for the success of this vital project on behalf of a better society and humanity.”



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