Going for the Gold: Every Kid A Champ

Going for the Gold: Every Kid A Champ

Nov 24, 2008

On a crisp, fall day, ALEH Jerusalem’s residents set out to enjoy their annual Sports Day in the park. This year the Olympics spirit was in the air, as ALEH’s kids teamed up to win their medals.

It was a special tournament, with groups representing “Ha’poel Gymboree” vs. “Maccabee ALEH.” Also competing were “ALEH Junior League” and “Betar ALEH.” Dressed in special team shirts and armed with a great deal of morale, spirit, and inspiration, each group was cheered on by their own fan club – the dedicated staff of caregivers and volunteers.
The races began with a warm-up exercise designed to get the blood flowing: a special obstacle course offering challenges, delighting the senses and providing a grand adventure. Afterwards, re-energized by some refreshments and by the enthusiastic encouragement of their ‘coaches,’ they were ready to begin the real contests, tailor-made for them.
For the relay race, each group had to throw a rice-filled balloon into a basket, and then race back to tap the next person on the team so they could do the same. In the volleyball game a ball was suspended on a fishing rod and, with a single push, the kids made it soar, bump or roll over a net to the team opposite. Yael used her elbow, Chanan his chin, and Aviva her knee; each in his or her own special way contributed to the team effort.
At the end of the day, medals were handed out to all the champions. In truth, every child was a winner, in the things that count the most!



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