Gabriela’s Evaluation

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.. I just want to say thank you; That I could be half a year at ALEH Moria-Gedera.

Half a year full of interesting encounters, touching experiences, loving people, and above all, the recognition of the full presence of God at every second of this time.

Of course, everything is not like running smoothly and peacefully. There was the time, that the washing machine did not work again or that the current failed, not to forget that the fire alarm sounded several times or the place of work changed during the day between several houses …

… nevertheless, what is this compared with the shining eyes of the children or the adults who barely knew me and still smiled at me, with words or simply by their being there greeted me, supported me, wanted to get to know me. Those who accept you as you are, love you because you are love or can become love in this way.

It is ultimately only love; And I have experienced this immense and unconditional love very intensively during this time.

Thanks to ALEH-Moria!