From Orange, with Love

From Orange, with Love

Aug 19, 2007

When Partner Communications Company donated computers to ALEH Gedera and ALEH Negev, the language spoken was the language of the heart. 
Following Partner Communication Company’s donation of computers to ALEH Gedera’s rehabilitative technology program and the subsequent amazing success, the company recently helped establish ALEH Negev’s ultra-modern alternative communication room. 
The room is equipped with modern computers and thin touch screens, a variety of adaptive software programs and games, and comfortable furniture and chairs (in orange, of course!).   
By a simple touch of the finger or switch-assisted device, children can choose which food they would like to eat for lunch from the colorful array of choices on the screen. They can show how they feel by identifying with the various emotions on the faces they see. Specialized clips, films and presentations featuring the children themselves enhance sensory-stimulatory development.
The most innovative technology program is the online communication they can enjoy with their families when they are connected during real time. The children and their parents and siblings see each other and share special moments together, singing and sending hugs and love. It seems that in ALEH the future looks great – in more ways than one!
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