From London to Jerusalem, With Love

From London to Jerusalem, With Love

May 31, 2006
On May 30, 28 owners of some of the most exclusive cars in the world drove into ALEH Negev for the climax of their two-week drive from Europe to Israel.

This traditional London-Jerusalem car rally is organized every two years by JNF-UK, which has so far raised more than $1 million dollars for ALEH Negev, a rehabilitative village for special-needs people being built in the south of Israel.

The rally’s participants are all warm individuals who care deeply for Israel and its people. Sponsors of the rally were Mr. and Mrs. Charlie and Rebecca Sherling from Dublin, Ireland.

The cars left England and traveled through France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey before arriving in Israel, their final destination. The renowned racing driver, Mr. Martin Hone, led the journey and ensured its smooth function all along the route.

Among the exclusive cars were antiques, rare models and the latest styles, including a 1926 Rolls Royce 20, a 1960 Jaguar XK150, a 2004 Lexus, a Mercedes CLS 500, a 2006 Porsche and a 2006 Range Rover.

The oldest driver was Hilary Clive, who at 92 years old has been a participant in the car rally since its inception.

This year, a portion of the money raised by the rally was donated to ALEH Negev. Begun in the year 2003, Stage 1 of construction of the village is nearly complete. The entire project, estimated to cost $42 million dollars, will eventually accommodate 220 disabled young adults as well as provide over 12,000 outpatients with vital therapy services. It will also create job opportunities for over 500 people in Israel’s southern region.

The cars, parked at ALEH Negev, gave residents of the area a rare opportunity to view the exclusive collection. Meanwhile, their owners were treated to a tour of the village and a lunch together with its residents. Major General (Res.) Doron Almog spoke on behalf of ALEH Negev and expressed his thanks to JNF, the Sherlings and all the drivers for adding a special dimension to this monumental project.

The feeling of solidarity on behalf of Israel and its most vulnerable members left all those present inspired to continue to see the project to fruition.


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