From Alaska to ALEH Jerusalem

From Alaska to ALEH Jerusalem

Curtis J. Sparks
Hope Alaska – Home Alliance Coordinator

SEPT. 26, 2011
To the ALEH family, staff and children,
I know the holidays are coming up for you all and I wanted to take this time to say THANK YOU – for allowing me into your lives over the years to visit you and learn from you as I watched you help those with disabilities in their everyday lives.  You truly have a huge impact on the people you help take care of, and there are not a lot of people that can do what you do to help the children.

I would also like to thank you for the card you sent me in my time of need this summer.  The card truly made me smile and that means a lot. I have had the chance to work with you and get to know you over the years, and I keep you all in my heart, especially the kids.

NOV. 29, 2009

Hi to all the ALEH Family:
I thank you sincerely for allowing me into your home and your world for a short time this morning. It was very nice meeting all the children, the staff and of course you Dov. Thank you for sharing everything you are doing for the children of ALEH. It warms my heart to see how happy, content, and well cared for the children are.
After spending some time at ALEH Jerusalem, I would very much like to come and volunteer with until I return home to Alaska. May all of you be safe and healthy and have continued strength to keep up the amazing work that you do.
Curtis J.  Sparks
Hope Alaska – Home Alliance Coordinator
Anchorage, Alaska

Update from Alaska
DEC. 9, 2009
I wanted to write you again and let you know how things went this morning.  I was at ALEH from about 9:15 am to almost 1:00 pm. It was very very delightful; seeing the children again truly put a smile on my face, especially watching them do their things and meeting the staff.  It was awesome to watch the way Moriah teaches her class and shows them so much love and care.  I am on a high right now just to have been present there…
All of you, as a family, are amazing for what you do for the kids.  Ben, that young man, is something special, and I felt like crying when I met that little tiny girl who is losing her sight.  I went back to her classroom to see her again and I couldn’t believe how tiny she was but so special and precious…. I am sending flowers for the children and the staff….  Thank you again for this incredible experience.
I love you all,

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