Flying High – ALEH Kids Conquer Masada

Flying High – ALEH Kids Conquer Masada

May 6, 2008

Recently, cameras flashed as history recorded the flight of American President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to the top of the historical Masada fortress.
Not to be outdone, ALEH’s kids enjoyed the very same thrill. Their excitement knew no bounds as they took turns soaring in a cozy four-seater plane to the heights of Masada, piloted by Air force General Benzi Gruber (Res.).   
The children’s excitement and exuberance were palpable. Their smiles stretched from ear to ear as they kept their eyes glued to the plane’s window, exulting in the magnificent scene of a gorgeous blue sky, cotton-candy clouds and the majestic mountains. Leaning back in their chairs, they looked like they had been born to fly!
Our heartfelt thanks to General Gruber, whose kindness, generosity and patience enabled our children to realize their dream… of soaring above and beyond. It may not have been in the media reports, but this special flight is recorded for eternity in the hearts of every child and caregiver who participated in the unique event.

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