Family Matters – Kudos to Grandpa David!

Family Matters – Kudos to Grandpa David!

Apr 8, 2010

David Caldron, a pensioner who lives in Gederah, has a very special pastime: he is grandfather to the 96 special-needs children of ALEH Moriah.
David generously gives of his time and resources to bring joy and pleasure to his surrogate grandkids, showering them with the personal attention, warmth and love that every child yearns for.
Once a week, David devotes a morning to come visit Moriah’s kids. With his endearing smile, he walks over to each resident and staff and member and greets them warmly. He then asks, “Who am I taking out today?”
And every week, another resident is lucky enough to go out with Grandpa David, enjoying a stroll down Gederah’s scenic boulevard or sitting in a café with David and his friends.
David also donates a considerable amount of fragrant body cream to Moriah, which is used when giving massages to the residents as well as a pampering treat.
In recognition of David’s kindness, the Gederah township bestowed upon him the Gederah Notable Person Award for 2009, in the presence of Labor Minister Amir Peretz. At the award-giving ceremony, David’s words reflected his nobility of spirit:
“In our Jewish sources it states, ‘Give and do not be stingy of heart,’ meaning, give with a generous spirit. I never imagined that by giving in this way there could be so much receiving. The smiles, the warm handshake, the facial expression that you learn to recognize over time as meaning Thank You – I need you….believe me, this joy is priceless….And the more we give the more we will be privileged to live in a better, more prosperous and more humane community….”
Grandparents are a treasure. Moriah and its children are indeed fortunate to have been blessed with such a special one.
Grandpa David, We Love You!


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