El Al Opens a New Route at ALEH Moriah Gedera

El Al Opens a New Route at ALEH Moriah Gedera

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Longtime ALEH partner El Al recently opened a new route of volunteer activity, this time in ALEH Moriah in Gedera.

Seven members of El Al’s financial department, together with their department manager, landed at ALEH Moriah to begin the first in an ongoing series of monthly visits. After hearing opening remarks about the center’s residents and activities, El Al staff joined ALEH residents for an interactive arts session.

Everyone appreciated the enjoyable afternoon. Residents are already looking forward to the next meeting, while EL Al staff came away with a new perspective on life.

“We came to ALEH Moriah in Gedera, where we met special and amazing children and volunteers who taught us that people who give to the community receive much more, and that the disability is not necessarily on the side of the residents. The huge outpouring of love we received gave us new perspectives on life and instilled in us a deep understanding that our society will never be whole until we are capable of accepting those who are different from among us.  Thank you! We are counting the days until we meet again.”