Education for Everyone

Education for Everyone

Jan 16, 2012

Going to school is perhaps the most central activity in every child’s life, and ALEH believes that disabled children should have the same rights, opportunities and privileges as every other child.

That is why ALEH is expanding its special-education facilities in three locations, to provide the optimal rehabilitative and supportive environment for learning.

ALEH Jerusalem is moving the school premises to a completely separate floor, thereby implementing the principle of school and home as two separate frameworks.  The renovated school will accommodate some 100 children, including special-needs children from the local community. Early childhood intervention programs will apply a holistic approach aimed at discovering each child’s ability and developing it to the fullest. Finally, integrative programs with non-disabled community schoolchildren will encourage acceptance and sensitivity that is the future of a more caring society.

In Gedera, ALEH Moriah’s new special education school opened this September.  The school offers group and individual supportive and alternative communication therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and music therapy, a specialized outdoor playground and a musical courtyard. The educational program includes multi-sensory, rehabilitative technology and experiential activity, with the goal of enriching the lives of the children and teaching them basic concepts alongside life skills. Its ambitious IPad project aims to give each child an IPad with customized applications for further learning

ALEH Bnei Brak is providing for its residents, as well as for hundreds of special-needs children in the center of the country, by building ALEH CARES – Center for Advancement, Rehabilitation, and Education of Special-Needs Children.  At present, there is no comprehensive medical rehabilitative center in the entire area, forcing many to travel a great distance to receive the care they need or forgo the growth and development an intensive rehabilitative program would give them.  The new independent medical rehabilitative educational center will enable ALEH’s children to benefit from a more intensive rehabilitative program specifically tailored to their individual needs, in a spacious, quality environment.

ALEH CARES is being established in Pardes Katz, a 10-minute drive from Tel Aviv.  The complex’s multi-faceted departments include early intervention programs, kindergartens, classes through high school, and individual rehab sessions throughout the day– all under the supervision of a full-time medical staff and modern clinic.

The rehabilitative special education complex’s scope – including quality education, rehabilitation, medical care and hydrotherapy for over 200 children with various disabilities all under one roof – renders it unique in Israel and throughout the world.

Dedication opportunities for each of the renovated special-education schools are still available.  For information, contact: 


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