Doron Almog

The Mission and The Dream

Doron Almog completed the majority of his army service as a fighter and commander in elite IDF units, despite being the son of a bereaved family. His brother, Eran, fell in the Yom Kippur War while serving as commander of a tank unit defending the Golan Heights.
According to Almog, a society’s strength will always be measured by the strength of its weakest links. The more we do to strengthen them, the better and stronger our society will be. Doron’s worldwide lectures are part of his journey to create a better, more caring and inclusive society. His lectures benefit the residents of the ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village.

The Greatest Teacher of My Life!

In a moving lecture that doesn’t leave anyone dry-eyed, Major General (Res.) Doron Almog describes how his son, Eran, the boy who never spoke, who never called him “dad,” who never made eye contact, became the greatest teacher of his life, the boy for whom Maj. Gen. Almog concluded his army service in order to lead the battle of his life – the battle for a better world, to build a utopian society.
Maj. Gen. Almog was the recipient of the Israel Prize in 2016. The highest honor granted by the State of Israel was awarded to MG Almog for his outstanding military service and for his leadership in establishing an innovative, groundbreaking social initiative, which provides love and optimal quality of life to the weakest members of society, while breaking down the barriers of stereotypes and maximizing inclusion. He sees this mission as a social Entebbe Mission, rescuing society’s hostages, those totally dependent on our kindness.
During his military service, Major General Almog stood out as a brave warrior, leading many battles in defense of the State of Israel, among them, his part in the daring Entebbe rescue mission of 1976, saving the lives of 105 hostages. According to Almog, the strength of society’s chain can only be measured by its most vulnerable link, and only through our efforts to strengthen that link can we create a better and stronger society.
Just as his son Eran made him a better person – more humble, less selfish, less arrogant – so too, if we are capable of providing them with the love they need, the 1% of children in the world like Eran can be influential educators, teaching the remaining 99% to be more humble, less selfish and less arrogant.
In this way, we will all be worthy of the lofty title: human being.

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