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Tani Klein’s Bar Mitzvah Project

Hi! For my Bar Mitzvah, I want to make a difference in the lives of Israel’s most vulnerable children.  For years, my brother and I have been giving tzedakah to (and running fundraising campaigns for) ALEH, which provides advanced medical, educational and rehabilitative care to more than 750 children and young adults with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities and complex medical conditions.  ALEH is their home and their family – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ALEH spends so much time working with each child to help them all learn, grow and reach their greatest potentials.  I have learned from ALEH that we can all change the world if we focus on one child at a time.

When I asked where ALEH needed my help most, they explained that there was a little girl named Leah Rachel who is in desperate need of an electric wheelchair.  Leah Rachel has finally been rehabilitated to the point that she can start learning how to control her own wheelchair, and I would love to see that happen.

For my Bar Mitzvah, I want to give Leah Rachel the gift of mobility and independence by buying her the wheelchair she needs.  Please show Leah Rachel and all of my friends at ALEH some love by helping me reach my goal of funding this campaign!