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Adopt Yosef

Adopt Yosef


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At age 16 months, Yosef* was a regular, adorable baby who was just taking his first steps. Friendly and playful, he had even begun saying a few words: Ima (mom), Abba (dad), bye-bye.

Tragedy struck out of the blue. While at the babysitter, Yosef suddenly stopped breathing. He was brought to the hospital in cardiac arrest, and although he was successfully resuscitated, he remained in a coma for 8 months.

Yosef came out of the coma when he turned 2 years old. However, things would never be the same. Having sustained severe brain damage, Yosef was now completely dependent and suffering from complicated medical conditions.

Faced with this new reality, his family decided that the best home for Yosef would be at ALEH, where he would receive the outstanding care and optimal rehabilitative opportunities to help him develop.

“We make it a priority to bring Yosef home for Shabbat and holidays,” says his mother. “But we are happy for him that he is part of the ALEH family as well. The staff and volunteers at ALEH are a warm and loving family to him on a daily basis, and we have peace of mind knowing that he is in good hands. Yosef’s friends there make sure to keep him busy with hundreds of varied activities that stimulate him in every way possible and bring him so much joy.”

Yosef is now 16 years old. He is blind and uses a wheelchair to move about, yet despite his limitations, he always has an enormous smile on his face. Yosef particularly enjoys music and outings. These special activities enhance his motor skills and his ability to communicate with those around him. They also provide him with the normative experiences that every individual deserves.

By “adopting” Yosef, you are helping us keep the smile on his face!

Please make sure to visit him on your next trip to Israel. Yosef loves receiving visitors and you will undoubtedly enjoy the visit as much as he will!

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

Please note: ALEH’s Israel-based network of facilities for children with severe complex disabilities is in no way affiliated with the Aleh Foundation of Brooklyn, NY. All inquiries and donations for our extensive activities across Israel should be made via this website only.
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