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Their Story

"Yocheved* is a beautiful young girl with moderate cognitive disabilities. When she arrived at ALEH Gedera, she was extremely withdrawn and would not speak or make any sounds. She would lower her head and refuse to look directly at anyone who spoke to her. Sometimes she would even hide under the table to avoid contact with caregivers or other residents, refusing all attempts to help her connect with her surroundings.

Yocheved was chosen for the Hydrotherapy Program. The hope was that the program would provide a positive experience, and would create a healthy connection with both caregivers and fellow participants. It was amazing to see the therapeutic process that occurred at the pool. Yocheved opened up like a flower to those around her. Slowly, she began to look straight at the counselors and her friends during activities, follow instructions and take an active part in the group. Her smile became more and more frequent, and she happily put on her swimsuit and hurried to enjoy the water every week anew. The sounds of her laughter and pleasure were a joy for everyone involved in her care.

Through ALEH’s Hydrotherapy Program as well as additional therapy programs designed on her behalf, Yocheved’s self-confidence has improved immeasurably. As a result, she is now able to connect with those around her.

By “adopting” Yocheved you’ll be helping us give her the optimal opportunities to grow and develop.

Please make sure to visit her when you are in Israel. Yocheved loves visitors and you are sure to fall in love with her too!

*Name has been changed to protect privacy"