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Their Story

"Yael* is a beautiful young lady. Extremely sociable, she enjoys all the attention she gets from the staff and, in turn, showers everyone around her with love and warmth. Yael enjoys cooking, activities that involve water, and the feel of different types of material, all of which stimulate her senses.

Yael’s special education teacher has been teaching her the concept of instruments and noisemaker toys. Yael enjoys nothing more than making noise and has quickly gotten into the swing of things.

Until recently, Yael’s ability to express herself was severely limited to a few specific sounds. Her speech therapist has been working on expanding her repertoire of sounds, making them clearer, imitating new sounds, and performing various facial exercises. Furthermore, Yael is learning to use pictures and symbols to indicate “I want,” or “Please give me,” thereby expressing her needs and choices. She has been taking part in a communication therapy group and receives private sessions, in addition.

During meals, the therapist helps her learn to eat more independently, with Yael grasping the spoon and feeding herself. All of us are as excited as Yael is at this latest progress.

By “adopting” Yael you’ll be helping us give her the optimal opportunities to grow and develop.

Please make sure to visit her when you are in Jerusalem. Yael loves visitors and you are sure to fall in love with her too!

*Name has been changed to protect privacy"