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Their Story

"Chanan* is a sweet blond-haired, blue-eyed boy who was born with severe cognitive impairment. Chanan has been part of the ALEH family since he was a baby.

When Chanan first arrived at ALEH, it was uncertain whether he would ever be able to communicate, stand, or walk. Thanks to ongoing intensive therapy and rehabilitation, Chanan has developed far beyond his initial prognosis.

Now more than a decade later, Chanan is a friendly, outgoing boy who is a source of pride and joy to all who know him. Though unable to speak, he expresses his feelings via a communication board. He has learned to walk, and while he still requires supervision and assistance with stairs, Chanan relishes the feeling of independence he experiences when walking and pushing his friends’ wheelchairs.

Each year the Jerusalem Marathon is an amazing experience for Chanan. As part of TEAM ALEH, he walks a full 800 meters (the equivalent of 8 city blocks)!

ALEH seeks funds for the individualized therapy program so crucial for his development. YOU can help provide Chanan with additional music therapy, hydrotherapy and Gymboree sessions. Alternatively, Chanan thrives on group activities, outings and trips, so we welcome you to fund an activity, excursion or outing.

YOUR Support will help Chanan be the best that he can be! But don’t take our word for it; do stop in when you are next in Jerusalem. Chanan’s delight will be matched only by yours!
* Name has been changed to protect privacy"