Who is eligible to volunteer?

You need to be 18 and older to volunteer at ALEH.

What skills are needed?

We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others.  We will help you find the volunteer opportunity that best matches your talents, abilities, and preferences.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available?

If you are here in Israel and have time to visit any of our facilities on a steady basis, the staff can assign you to a specific child as a big brother/sister.  There are also opportunities for groups and schools to help out at one-time special events and programs. For caring volunteers who live outside of Israel, ALEH has fundraising events, campaigns and awareness programs that you can help out with – among your family, school, community, neighborhood, college, or corporation.  We will help you coordinate an event and will send you any materials you need to help make it a success!


Can I volunteer during my year in Israel?

Absolutely! Our children do best with a steady volunteer that they learn to recognize.

Do you have office volunteer work available?

Oftentimes we need help with mailings, data entry and the like.  Feel free to contact us for current opportunities.

Does ALEH accept short term volunteers?

ALEH will accept short term volunteers for office work, facility maintenance, and coordination and running of events. Unfortunately, for hands-on help with the children, short-term volunteering does not work out well, as it takes time for our children to “warm up” to a new volunteer. Therefore, for volunteering directly with the children, we can accept those who are able to commit to one month or more.

Is there volunteer work available in the facilities, besides actually working with the kids?

We sometimes need help with facility maintenance, like painting a room or planting greenery.  Volunteers can also help coordinate and run an event, helping out in the many tasks required behind the scenes.

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